Green Printing

Our Environment:

Shepson Printing is currently in the process of obtaining ISO 14001 Environmental Certification – this is an internationally acknowledged standard for managing and monitoring a working environmental program. Greening our business and the commitment to this process is our major focus.

Shepson Printing is proud to announce its selection in the NSW Government Department of Environment and Climate Control Program (DECC). This environmental process is designed to streamline our operation with an emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint to create a printing company that is responsible for ALL facets currently challenging our world environment.

Shepson Printing is firming alliances with “Down the Line” suppliers to ensure our environmental targets are reached and maintained.

Shepson Printing is passionate about supplying recycled products where possible. We are happy to provide you with a wide variety of different paper and printed samples, so you may choose your particular environmental friendly solution.

Shepson Printing prides itself on its environmental standards and aims to be chemical free, providing a responsible green alternative by 2010.

Shepson Printing – printing company Australia provides environmentally sustainable printer, sustainable green printing online, and many more.

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